We apply the latest technology

Aubry Produktions AG has the most modern production equipment and machinery at its disposal. Our experienced staff ensures consistent quality throughout the production cycle.


High quality of execution and adherence to delivery dates

Our 19 injection moulding machines with removal robots meet the latest technological standards.

Thanks to our many years of production experience, we can guarantee a high quality of execution and on-time delivereis - every time.


Even contradictory problems under control

In the field of injection moulding many different and sometimes even contradictory solutions are realized. We produce small parts under 0.05 to about 100 grams from most thermoplastics.


For example, from high-temperature resistant high-tech materials for automotive applications or thermoplastic elastomers for seals in series of a few thousand to several million pieces a year.

You have an idea?


You want to take advantage of Swiss production, but don't know how? We have the expertise and the know-how.